-Brazil- Christmas November 22nd Shipment -(Price per Pound)

Deadline: November 17th


1- Prepare your package

  • Put all your items inside gallons ziplock bags or space bags.

2- Label the package

  • Write down your missionary name and Mission on the outside of the package.
  • Include a list of items you are sending for us to see.
  • Number the bags.
  • Write down the weight.

3- Shipping

  • Send your package to the following address and recipient in Salt Lake City:

Gerardo Valladares-  50 North 600 West #227 ,Salt Lake City, UT 84116

Questions? 801-814-5600

-Time of Delivery: 4-10 Days after arrival.

-$13.99 Delivery Fee Inside can be found in the check out section. Look for the option Brasil Shipping.

*Christmas Special*

Get 1 pound free for every 2 new customers you refer. The use of your free pounds will be redeemable from January 1st 2018 to March 1st 2018. 

It is your responsibility to make sure your referral types your name under “Who referred you?”. If you refer someone, and they don’t add your name in their checkout order, the discount will not be applicable. 

Recommendations and FAQ please read below.

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Sending your own package?

Recommendations and FAQ

  • Send your package through USPS.
  • Weight your package before sending it. Make sure it’s the same weight that you bought. Sending more pounds that you bought will result on us charging you twice the price for every extra pound.
  • If one gallon bag is not enough you can add extra ones if you label them.
  • Have a clear handwriting when you write your label your package.
  • Do not send medicines, technology, fruits, seeds or musical instruments. If you have doubts about what you are sending please call us.
  • Respect the deadline. The sooner the send your packages the better for us 🙂.
  • If you live in Utah, extra information will be emailed to all those who signed up for the trip about the drop off places, dates and times.

Phone number: 801-814-5600

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