4th July
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    We have delivered more than 7500 packages to all 14 Missions in Argentina.
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    Our location in Argentina allows us to provide an effective tracking to your packages.
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    More than 650 families from around the world choose our service.
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    We LOVE your missionaries!
My Missionary Packages Argentina 2017

Emily Rowberry Resistencia Mission

I've send one package so far and my daughter got it with everything in it. It arrived quickly from Salt Lake to the mission office in Resistencia. The hold up for her getting the package was that she had to wait for a monthly meeting for packages to be distributed from the mission office.

Shauna Hixon Murphy

Thanks to Pablo and Missionary Packages Argentina, I was able to get a birthday package to my son. I am grateful for the updates and the pictures of the packages when they arrive in their mission. It gives so much peace of mind.

Lauralyn Kofford Buenos Aires South Mission

I tried to send a bubble envelope with some items for my son serving in BAS Argentina thinking it would be safe to mail through USPS, but NO ... don't do it!! Just use this awesome service that Pablo and his family have organized!! It's safe and it works great!! My son finally got some greatly needed items from home and he was sooooo happy!! Thank you Pablo for offering such a wonderful service for our missionaries in Argentina:-)
4th July
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