Since my son went on his mission I was able to meet many different moms from around the world and feel part of the amazing camaraderie of having a son or daughter on a mission. Sadly, I met several of you who didn’t have the chance to send anything to your missionaries in Argentina or who tried but never succeed in getting it to them.

As my son came back from his mission, we thought it would be a pleasure to help you Mommas and be the means by which your missionaries can receive the love of your families. We are glad to announce that Missionary packages Argentina will be now allowing you to get your packages to them with the advantage of not staying in customs, being opened or robbed.

Serving in Argentina can be a huge blessing; however, it has its challenges. What your missionaries are experiencing we experience too. One of those challenges that you might be aware of is the block of customs which affects the prices and the availability of all imported products. We hope that we can provide you with the best options available despite these challenges.


You can either send your own package, customize it, or select one of our Pre-Made Packages.


If you choose to send your own package, we will be receiving it and prepare to send it to Argentina. More information is available in that section. If you choose to send one of our own packages, or customize one, your package will be prepared in Argentina and sent in around 2 days.


Your package will be safe in our hands. We know that the shipping can be the scariest part for you! For that reason we work to personally deliver your packages to those missions in Buenos Aires, and we hire professionals to deliver to the rest of the country.

Emily Rowberry Resistencia Mission

I've send one package so far and my daughter got it with everything in it. It arrived quickly from Salt Lake to the mission office in Resistencia. The hold up for her getting the package was that she had to wait for a monthly meeting for packages to be distributed from the mission office.

Shauna Hixon Murphy

Thanks to Pablo and Missionary Packages Argentina, I was able to get a birthday package to my son. I am grateful for the updates and the pictures of the packages when they arrive in their mission. It gives so much peace of mind.

Lauralyn Kofford Buenos Aires South Mission

I tried to send a bubble envelope with some items for my son serving in BAS Argentina thinking it would be safe to mail through USPS, but NO ... don't do it!! Just use this awesome service that Pablo and his family have organized!! It's safe and it works great!! My son finally got some greatly needed items from home and he was sooooo happy!! Thank you Pablo for offering such a wonderful service for our missionaries in Argentina:-)

Why choosing us

  • Experience

    We have delivered more then 8000 packages to all 14 Missions in Argentina.
  • Location

    Our location in Argentina allow us to provide an effective tracking to your packages.
  • Recommended

    More than 600 families from around the world choose our service.
  • Dedication

    We LOVE your missionaries!
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