Spanish classes

Parents should contact the mission office where their missionary is serving to find out the release date and visa requirements, if applicable. Then parents should contact the Missionary Travel Office to obtain the travel allowance amount for the missionary. This will assist parents as they move forward with their travel plans. Parents will need to make travel arrangements for themselves and their missionary and inform the mission and the Missionary Travel Office of these plans. Missionary Travel will mail parents a reimbursement check for the missionary’s ticket in the amount that Missionary Travel quoted, or if the ticket the parents purchase is less, Missionary Travel will reimburse the lesser amount. Missionary travel will reimburse approximately four weeks prior to the release date.


Plan classes around your personal schedule


With the assistance of our online professor, set goals and make plans to achieve your personal expectations


Our professionals will immerse you in the culture.

How it works?

After purchasing your online classes you will be contacted by our online instructor
You will set up a time to meet with him to talk about your familiarity with the language and get to know the tutor
After this meeting you will have arranged when to meet and what platform to use for classes

Spanish tutor

Matías R. Marú



1) Once you purchase the weekly classes, you’ll be contacted by Matias, our outstanding Spanish teacher.

2)You’ll have a 5-10 interview with him to get to know him, see your Spanish level and organize the times you’ll be meeting together.