– Argentina – OUT OF STOCK- May 12th Shipment (Deadline: May 7th)

Stores Deadline May 7th 3PM


 *Price is $16.99 per pound – Packages always delivered to mission offices

1- Prepare your package

  • Put all your items inside Ziploc bags or space bags. (Choose the bag more convenient for your weight) – If your items are too big, 5 gallons Ziplock bags are a good option.

2- Label the package

  • Write down your missionary name and Mission on the outside of the package.
  • Include a list of items you are sending for us to see.
  • Number the bags.
  • Write down the weight.

3- Shipping

  • Send your package to the following address and recipient in Provo:

“Pablo Diaz – Missionary Packages LLC 473 Wymount Terrace, Provo, UT 84604”

If you are planning to drop off your package in Utah write this down. Drop off places and dates:

  1.  Orem: 230 E University Parkway Orem UT 84058 Modern Missionary Store (next to Deseret Book) Store Hours: Mon-Sat 10AM-7PM. 
  2. OGDEN:(The Missionary Store) 2342 Washington Blvd, Ogden UT 84401.  Store Hours: MON-SAT 10AM-7PM.
  3. LOGAN: (Kater Shop) 1050 Main St #140, Logan, UT 84341. Store hours: MON-SAT 10AM-7PM
  4. ST GEORGE: (Adrians)  435 N 1680 E #21, St. George, UT 84790. Store hours: MON-SAT 10AM-7PM

Packages will be picked up at the stores on the deadline shared above. Please make sure your packages are delivered before that time.

🎁 SPECIAL STORES BENEFIT: By dropping off or buying online at our associates stores you can access to shipping at no charge to you!

1 – If you want to add anything to your package that you buy at the store, the cost to ship those items will be covered by our partners, in other words, its FREE for you.



Before you place your order or after you do PLEASE READ CAREFULLY the information that is below. Also, PLEASE if you are sending the package out of state WRITE the address previously provided.

Out of stock

Sending your own package?

Recommendations and FAQ

  • Make your order BEFORE you send your package and make it quick. There is a high demand of our service and we will not be able to accommodate your order if it comes as a surprise.
  • You can wrap items inside your package. Just make sure to include the list of items.
  • The list of items will be taken away once your package arrives to Argentina. Your missionary will NOT know what is inside.
  • We can NOT accept orders after we reached the limit of space available. Please do not cry, or call us angry about it.
  • PLEASE reserve with time. If you do not know the exact weight, an average package is 5 pounds.
  • Weight your package before sending it. Make sure it’s the same weight that you bought. Sending more pounds that you bought will result on us charging you twice the price for every extra pound.
  • If one gallon bag is not enough you can add extra bags if you label them.
  • Have a CLEAR 🙂 handwriting when you write your label your package.
  • Do not send medicines, technology, fruits, seeds or musical instruments. If you have doubts about what you are sending please call us.
  • Respect the deadline. The sooner the send your packages the better for us 🙂
  • If you live in Utah, extra information will be posted on Facebook about Drop off places and dates. So remember to follow us! If you do not have Facebook, email us at missionarypackagesarg@gmail.com for that information.

Phone number: 385-528-8351

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